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Confederate Monuments: Choosing What to Revere



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Limiting Protest Silences Dissent



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Right to Protest Forms a More Perfect Union


In the winter 2018 edition of The Legal Eagle, we published a story (Limiting Protest Silences Dissent) about limiting protests, specifically National...

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Balancing the Right to Protest with the Right to Be Heard


by Hanna Krueger Free speech is one of the most sacred rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and nowhere has it been more revered than on college...

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Explaining the Roots of Institutional Racism


by Phyllis Raybin Emert Individual acts of racism are easy to identify. A young white man shoots members of a black church. The n-word is painted on a...

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School Discipline Harsher for Black Students


by Michael Barbella The way a disciplinary incident involving a sixth-grader was handled at a school in Florida is reflective of the racial bias that ...

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Free Breakfast for Every Student Just Makes a Lot of Sense


Every day, I strive to create a positive, welcoming and equitable learning environment where my students can be themselves, access instruction in mean...

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In 2019, Education’s Getting More Personal, Memorable and Connected Than Ever

Students in a science class put the final touches on their class presentation.  Photo by Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

A new year brings new possibilities and new enhancements, particularly to educators across the world looking to implement unique techniques and techno...

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This Pi Day, Let’s Celebrate Girls Killing It at STEM

This Pi Day

If society plays its cards right, we could soon enter a time when anyone can wear a lab coat, and that’s really cool. Schools, businesses, nonprofits,...

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