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Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

Our associates ensure a fair settlement of disagreements through the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process of med

Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion

Our associates will build the capacity of  organizations to critically analyze practices, processes, and programs to dis

School Administrator Coaching and Development

Our associates will provide job embedded professional development for school leaders that focus on administrators as org

Program Evaluation

Our associates are experienced in completing program evaluations through the use of quantitative and qualitative analysi
professional development / Cogwheel

Professional Development

Our associates provide job-embedded professional development and are available on-site and virtually to maximize employe

Human Capital Management

Our associates will work with district and school leaders to develop common Human Resources practices for recruiting, su

Grant Writing

Our associates will work closely with your organization’s staff to complete your federal, state, or foundation grant app

Evaluation Services to Charter School Boards of Trustees

Our associates offer Chief School Administrator and Principal evaluation services to Charter School Boards of Trustees.

Think Tanks

Our consultants will work with your organization to help you identify challenges and creative ways to solve them. Our co
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Educator Evaluation

Evaluation Systems are an integral part of a comprehensive talent management system, which seeks to develop, support, an